Wow it's been so long since I last posted in my lj, to be exact March of last year, how's everyone been? ^^

anyways I can't just simply let what happened to me last January 2 past so I need to account it here in my lj :)

What an event to start my year... last January 1 Siwon twitted "On my way to the airport now going to MANILA! A new year new night in the MANILA PHILIPINES ! Yoohoo!"  If you are a Siwon Bias and you found out he was coming to your country but don't have any idea WHY... you will panick right??? lolz so that day me and my friends went to airport to get a chance to see him. we waited and waited but unfortunately we were not able to see him as well as Kyu and EH, so I went home feeling so tired because I still don't have enough sleep that time... then the next day I woke up early to do my laundry trying not to think of Siwon and the reason why he was here... then suddenly he twitted " Now We are at Orchard Road Metro Manila‎ Quezon City. so again as a Siwon bias first thing that came to my mind that time was I NEED TO SEE HIM... which I did and I  was able to see the 3 up close argh! I can still very well remember everything... gosh Siwon (my bias) I got really stars-trucked! he was literally in front of me and I was blocking his way I intend to give him my gift but since I got so shocked! I dunno I just can't express how I felt that time when I saw him I was not able to move until the guards was all over him just then I realized that I need to give my gift, I kept on running after him and keeps on calling him  but I was not able to give it to him but still no regrets :) because the lucky part here was I was able to touch his "tummy" or should I say his "abs" lolz. then after Siwon got into the bus I was surprised that EH was in front of me already and I was trying to give my gift to him and I was telling him "can you please give this to Siwon" but then again he was not able to get hold of my gift but still no regrets because I was able to touch EH as well actually it felt more like a "harassment" lolz well because after he pass by infront of I still chased him and I was able to touch his "butt" but it was not intentional I was just actually trying to check if my gift can hold to his pocket but instead I get to touch his butt lolz. then Kyu was my only chance to give my gift to Siwon but when Kyu was in front of me already I felt an aura that I should not be harassing him and he really looked so sleepy that's why I ended up rubbing his back like an older sister comforting his younger brother.  oh and before that there was a bridge moment with KYU, he waved at us and I was not able to get hold of myself and I got so hyper and I screamed .... it was just me and Ann supervannpi at that time on that bridge fans are not allowed there but we were able to go there. I think we are at the right time at right place,  Kyu was actually bored that time and he was yawning and looking everywhere while Siwon and EH were playing around ^^ then suddenly Kyu looked at the bridge and saw us and he waved at us *faints****** Kyu really looked like a doll that time ^^

this pic is the only pic I got to take... when it comes to fangurling you can't really rely to me on taking pics and vids because my focus always is to get a hold of them which I did btw, I got to touch Siwon's tummy (or abs?) Hyuk's back and butt hehehe... and Kyu's back as well... gosh they were really so close!!!! they all look good and I just love them more....

.. there goes my fan account, my experience may not be as grand as the other fans but still it was an experience that is worth keeping ^^

Grab these pics credit as tag ^^




oohhh and before this thing happened I would also like to share my twitter conversation with my friend kenkatz last DECEMBER 29, actually this conversation is not about suju it is about zea and we were just planning to go to their event on January 12...  below is the excerpt from our conversation....

then after this twit katz replied to me

then after that I replied again

I just want to highlight what I said "HOPING AKO MAY MAKITA SUJU B4 JAN 12"
and it came true and my hopes are high I saw a suju member last January 2,  and the best part is I saw my no.1 bias in suju CHOI SIWON ^^ 
I really considered my experience as  a nice new year blessing from God!  though it was confirmed that there won't be SS4 concert here in the Philippines I still want to keep my hopes high.

..till next update ^^ind


It's been awhile since I updated my lj... the last time was Aug 4., whoah it's been 2 mos already...  not the typical me... hehehe... well anyways I've been very busy with a lot of things... , work, family, friends... etc...  it's been tough for me for the last 4 mos... my emotions goes high and low... I've been through a lot of changes, a lot of realizations in life... which I am thankful for... so for my B-DAY ... I would just like to say Thank you to God for strengthening my faith... for giving me the courage to surpass all the trials that has come my way... I love you LORD thank you sooooooooooo much for everything!!!! ... please always bless my family, my friends and my fandom... without you I am nothing... so I leave it all up to you... whatever is your plan for me LET YOUR WILL BE DONE...

I wanna end this entry with this quote:

Life is too short to wake up in the morning with REGRETS. So LOVE the people who treats you RIGHT, forget about the ones who DON'T and believe that everything happens for a REASON. If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your LIFE, let it. Nobody said that it'd be easy, they just promised it would be WORTH it.


You captured my heart as Hwang Taekyung in You're Beautiful ... impressed me in your role as Kang Gan Woo in Beethoven Virus but you truly captivated me in your role as Lee Chan Hui in Hong Gildong... you are really such a great actor and I'm glad that you are the first ever Korean guy that I liked ...  Happy Birthday.... Jang Geun Suk  ^___^  I wish you good health and success in your career...  God Bless!!!

and because it's your b-day I'll do some pic spam actually these pictures are my favorites pics of you

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*****sigh************************* what can I say I am really trying to avoid reading news., reading comments about the heart breaking news to all KAT-TUN fans.., but I can't help myself from expressing what I truly feel about this... I've been in this fandom for almost 5 years now.., this has been my life, my source of happiness... this has been my world for the past years...  I know lately I've not been an active fan.. I miss buying "GOING" and "NMP" but still my love for them never changed.... I know Jin is my ICHIBAN and forever he will be... but still I love the rest of the KT boys., they are my group... but seeing them without Jinjin will be very painful to me.., especially now that Jin might not really be back with the group... if Johnny thinks that the boys are doing fine with just the 5 of them,.. well it will never be the same for all the KAT-TUN fans... we love them as a 6 member group... eventhough Jin has his own world when he's with the boys I still feel that KAT-TUN  will never be the same without him... or any other members...  *****cries***************

whenever I feel down or I want some enlightenment I always pick some words of encouragement from my Power Cards.. and what I pick now is I think very appropriate with what is happening now.. 

Worried? Why not learn to surrender instead? Just observe. There's a reason from everything. "Dear God, help me see your hands in all events."

I wanna end this entry by picking a line from their song " What you worry about WILL BE ALRIGHT'"

To all my fellow KAT-TUN fans... **hugs******* let's just keep on supporting them

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You and Jin

This is it.. the day  you and your fans have been waiting for
show them what you've got Jin and bring the house down
I am soooooooooooooo proud of you baby!!!..
I wish you and your show a big success... I know how you work hard for this concert....
this is your dream and am glad  I'm here to witness the fulfillment of your dreams!!!

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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... this mornin I suddenly miss Jin and texted mateth that I miss him...
 yesterday we were texting that we are "bored" in fandom now "no chika" hayyyyyyyyyyyyyy then this video came out uwahhhhhhhhhhh... consistently Jin is doing this to us everytime we get bored or will miss him... he'll show up...  Jin is the only one who can make me feel like this.... I'm really really happyyyyyyyyyyy and proud of him!!!!!

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just updating

lame title I know but yeah I am just writing coz I just feel like it... hehe.. wow it's been awhile since I posted something here.., I've been quite bz lately with my RL (work related) so yeah I've tamed a bit being a fangurl?... but nonetheless I still am a fangurl hehehe.. and I think I will always am no matter what happens...  just random things that happened in the past week ..

--cut my hair really really short and yeah am still planning to have it trim again hmmm maybe next week???...
-- I am so addicted now playing with my niece though sometimes we really are like cats and dogs.. but most of the times we get along well..
--- and yeah last monday was election day here in the Phil. and yey I was able to practice my right to vote... even if my bet for President did not won at least I was able to support him
--- I applied for passport last last friday but I was "denied" LOL! and yeah I rescheduled it again on 7th of June *heads on desk*********

---hmm what else,, ahhhh I was able to watch the first ep of "moon lovers" and OH MY TK IS JUST TK... doki doki...

hmm so that's just my random things...

night everyone!!!! 

My Turn

A lot has been said already regarding KTTUN Asian tour and Jin having concert in LA. actually I don't want to post anything already but I think it  is not me if I won't have any reaction or post regarding  this one.

One thing I got to say is I respect whatever decision the group has made to be honest no one really knows the truth behind this we can all speculate but we will never know the truth we will just rely also on what the jimusho will say so we just have to believe them... I trust KAT-TUN I've been their fan for 5 years now alot has been said about this group but for me they can never go wrong.. because in spite of what other people say about them they can never deny the fact that KAT-TUN knows how to respect each other.. if the rest of the member supported Jin then who am I to go against it.. fan haters can say whatever they wanna say hah!!! what the fudge???!!!  they can just stick to their idols nose for all I care... I think for now what they need is not some useless speculation... or judgement...
they need our support!!!!! 

GANBATTE JIN for you LA CON and for your upcoming projects!!!!



To my fave boys HAPPY 4TH ANNIVERSARY.. I love you guys... I know the 4 years after your debut it was not an easy ride for each and everyone of you. .. it's always tough I know but I am soooo happy that inspite of everything you were able to prove all your critics wrong... they can say anything they want to say with you guys dont be affected your fans will always be right behind you...  I'm just so sad na wala ng CKT but I hope a new show will be up again *cross finger*** 
again HAPPY ANNIVERSARY ... more success both as a group and your individual careers.

see you when i see you guys!!!! 

for your 4th year anniversary here's our gift to you Trending Topic  kayo #5 in twitter

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